Property Valuation

How Can The Desire Of Clients Be Accomplished By Valuation?

The client does desire to save the maximum funds in the investment process and to get maximum profit from the investment of the funds. Due to valuation process, the desire of the clients can be converted into realistic.  In the zoning bylaw, this may be couched in the exceptions section dealing with projections into yards, may be included in calculations of lot coverage or may be in other parts of the bylaw. Projections from zero lot line developments may require particular consideration to issues of liability and easements.

Flat residential roofs are often problem areas for leaks in the coastal climate area of B.C. Some zoning bylaws define height as the distance between the average grade and the top of the building. also define height from grade to one-half of the distance between the eaves and ridge of the roof, for sloped roofs. This extra factor of the definition removes the disincentive to build a sloped roof, and may effectively reduce flat roofs.

The value of the property can be known to the Property valuer certification which can able to do help to the client for saving of the funds by negotiating the purchasing price of the property. When the funds are used in an accurate manner then the profit can be available to the clients in future.  The effect of changing to this definition could be somewhat taller buildings, which could interfere with existing view corridors. The Municipal Act permits official community plans to designate areas or circumstances in which development approval must be sought and provided by a municipality.

The issuance of multi-residential development permits, often through design panels using design guidelines, can have as significant an impact on the character of a structure as parameters established in zoning bylaws. Technical information arising from building envelope failures and subsequent analysis of the possible causes has revealed a number of sound building design techniques which, if employed, can reduce the potential for moisture penetration and permit accum