Property Valuation

5 Easy Ways You Can Turn valuation Into Success

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You know unlocking the value of Malaysia more than fifty percent of assets of companies intangible assets so you talked about billion in ASX companies you know being stuck there unrecognized assets so arm these methods of valuations as we’re moving to its breast practices are bezel is there and from.

Property Valuation

you know accountants from banks from CVS and so on and so forth is it close yes there is still that there increasing by and there are a whole lot of audiences I guess a hold of stakeholders uses of reports and there is increasing by in there often is a fair amount of ignorance perhaps because not so much IP is on the balance sheets lot of people who don’t come from an IP centric background.

They don’t get initially but if you’re able to independent property valuation communicate the value of your IP and I ‘m not marking talking about a precise value but just show how vital it is to your business model show why your business is likely to be more successful because of the IP I think you can really start.

The conversation with these people so with that whole range of stakeholders did the other thing I would say is you know sometimes I’m talking about kind of guidelines and the standards and the real technical nitty gritty don’t get too frightened off by that basically think.

The broad valuation skills are so important or the broad valuation tools are so important to businesses whether it is a multinational or whether it is colder for whether it is an SME just to gauge what these different assets are contributing to your business at the moment how you could increase that how you can protect it so it’s risk management and strategy development and having.

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